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Access Control

Access Control is used to give authorised people access to designated areas of your establishment. It can be very customised in nature to allow only certain people to specific areas, while other groups of people could access common areas.

Kraut Enterprises uses various systems to do this, depending on your requirements. We have the Honeywell IP-AK2  and NETAX kits for single door applications, and these can be expanded to many doors.  

Link to Honeywell Ip-Ak2 Brochure


Kraut Enterprises is also a system integrator. For our larger sites we use the Tecom Challenger that is both the security system and access control system in one. Advantages of this type of system include a much easier user management system and the ability to give the users access to specific doors while turning the alarm off at the same time the card is swiped at the door.

The Tecom Challenger can also interface to the user’s third party Customer Management software via API calls so that they can write their own cards for their staff and clients who use their facilities.

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