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Kraut Enterprises Offers Structured Cabling Solutions for our clients. So what is structured cabling and how is it different from normal cabling?

Structured data cabling is usually twisted pair cable that is installed in such a way that it will support high speed data transmission. This is now becoming essential in both corporate and residential networks for both telephone and data applications.

The care taken to install a structured cabling solution is much higher than in non-structured solutions. Examples of this are:

  • The cabling is supported the whole length of the cable run. It should not be installed so that it is hanging loose on the ceiling, or bends sharply around any edges.

  • Cable ties are not permitted to be used on structured cabling as they will deform the cable and reduce the effectiveness for it to transmit high speed data.

  • The cables must be kept dry in a non-moist environment.

  • The cables are installed to either the Australian or International Standards and meet with the local legal compliance.

  • The testing of the system is done by some very rigorous test equipment such as the Fluke DTX-1800 or Fluke DSX meters. These meters are expensive to own but are the only accurate way of verifying the data transmission characteristics of your network. These test results are verified by an independent third party.

  • Structured cable is usually installed by a licenced installer. The licenced installer will usually carry a manufacturer’s extended warranty support. This can cover the labour and the materials used for the installation. This is manufacturer dependent, and the warranties usually run from 15 years to a lifetime depending on the manufacturer.

If you are experiencing network issues with your phones or computers, chances are that your cable has not been installed by a licenced installer with manufacturer support and it may have not been tested with the correct equipment.

Kraut Enterprises offers manufacturer warranties for Clipsal, TE Connectivity (formerly Krone) and Panduit networks. We own our own test equipment.

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