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Optic Fibre Cabling

Kraut Enterprises does Optic Fibre Cabling. So What makes a good Optic Fibre Installation?

There are different Optic Fibre cables to be installed depending on your application:

Multimode Cable
Multimode cable is used over shorter distances, typically up to 300m in length. The data services that use this generally operate using a pair of optic fibre cores, one for transmit and the other for receiving.

Single Mode Cable

Single Mode Optic Fibre is used for long distances, typically up to about 80 Km. The data services that use this can operate using just a single core of the fibre, and this fibre can use different wavelengths of light to transmit different services. This type of optic fibre is typically found in the NBN structure along the roads, and in gated communities to deliver Internet, telephony, TV and other network services via a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON).

Kraut Enterprises offers both these types of cabling. We can install this for smaller IT networks, or we can implement a full GPON solution.

We can offer different solutions based on your needs. We can deliver pre-terminated cable, temporary solutions with push on connectors or the full kit using optic fibre fusion splicing.

If you are experiencing network issues with your phones or computers, chances are that your cable has not been installed by a licenced installer with manufacturer support and it may have not been tested with the correct equipment.

Kraut Enterprises offers manufacturer warranties for Clipsal, TE Connectivity (formerly Krone) and Panduit networks. We own our own optic fibre fusion splicing and test equipment.

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