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IP-Video Door Bell IPS-001

MiVision IP Video Door Bell

Imagine safely unlocking your front gate and seeing who's there when you're not even at home! Speak with the person before you let them in. Get the courier to leave the parcel in a safe spot so that you don't need to go and collect it after a missed delivery. Well now it's possible with the MiVision IP-Video Door Bell.

• Use your Smart Phone ANYWHERE to watch your door
• Talk to and Unlock your Door remotely
• Setup your Phone in Seconds
• Answer your door Worldwide
• Press— Push—Watch—Talk—Unlock
• Supports iPHONE or Android Smart Phones
• Connects to your Router with CAT-5 Cable or WIFI
• WIFI function option supplied, includes WIFI Antenna
• APP available for for full remote control operation (free)
• Requires 12v DC at entry gate

MiVision IP Door Bell

To download the specifications for this product in pdf format click here

Pricing excludes installation and door control hardware (e.g. door strike). If you would like to order this product, give us a call or submit an online enquiry to us by clicking here.


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